Tuesday, May 19, 2015

PTC Sites Experiment 1st Update

Here's my first PTC site experiment and I've already worked on some.  The terms of this experiment are:

1. Signup for a free / regular membership
2. Click on "get paid to click ads" that are offered only (meaning no contests, prizes, etc.)
3. Do this for 3 days
4. Get the average and eliminate 1 PTC site every after the 3 day experiment period.

I'll basically work on 5 PTC sites at a time.  I didn't include NeoBux anymore since I'm doing a different experiment for it already.

I'm not saying that you can earn just this much based on my experiment but this is a rough over view for free / standard members.  Then again, I may have just too much time on my hands right now so I'm doing this. :0)

Bucks247.com loses this round for having the lowest "paid to click" ads average for a free member for 3 days.  Kayads.com gets the top position out of 5 PTC sites.

For the next 3 days, Cashtravel.info will challenge the 4 other sites for top spot and will try to not get eliminated. :0)

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