Wednesday, May 13, 2015

NeoBux Experiment 5th Update

NeoBux Wednesday!

Hey everyone!  It's Wednesday again and it's time for a NeoBux update.  This is my 5th one for this experiment.

As you'll notice that my Mini Jobs isn't getting bigger.  I dropped my badge back to level 1 (credit to poor instructions of tasks) and now I'm not getting enough good tasks.  There are still tasks but I no longer work on all of them.  If I see instructions that ask you to decide subjectively on it, it's a red signal for me 'cause more or less you'll get it wrong and your accuracy will just drop.

Right now, I'm struggling in recycling and renting new referrals.  I wasn't able to rent new referrals this week. :0(.  Let's check again by next week.

Btw, I'm also doing a new experiment with regards to Traffic Exchange.  I'll add it on the Menu as soon as I do my first post.  See you and have a great day!

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