Wednesday, May 27, 2015

NeoBux Experiment 7th Update

Neobux Wednesday

It's another edition of Neobux Wednesday wherein I do my Neobux experiment if it's worth the time and effort.

You may notice that I have $10+ in my balance.  I just had a wonderful surprise by winning $5 from AdPrize. :0)  Rented referrals is still at 68 but hopefully add more to this as soon as I can rent more.  My plan right now is to save up the $ balance for renting before extending my other Rented Referrals.

Being a Golden member, every Fixed Advertisement click from your rented referral will give you $0.01.  Your Fixed Advertisement click is also worth $0.01 but the number of ads you can view is up to 9.  At the moment, I'm roughly earning $1 per day from Rented Referral clicks.  I hope to get more referrals as soon as I can rent them. :0)

Also, if you want to sign-up in Neobux, please use my referral link. :0)  CLICK HERE!  Thank you!

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