Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Be Fit Update

So far so good.  I haven't eaten rice for 1 week though I did ate pasta last Easter Sunday.  I'm also adopting a new training regimen.

I just need to be consistent in following this schedule.  I hope this works!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

2016 NBA Finals Prediction

Here is my bold NBA Finals prediction this 2016.  Battling for the East Finals are the Cleveland Cavaliers vs the Miami Heat.  It’ll be a reunion between Lebron James and Dwyane Wade.  James will outpace the Heat and win the Eastern Conference Finals 4 games to 2.

 Image Source:  NBA.com

In the Western Conference Finals, It’ll be the Golden State Warriors vs the San Antonio Spurs.  Coach Greg Popovich finds a way to disrupt the Warriors’ flow of the game and win this series 4 to 3.

In the NBA finals, the Spurs will show Lebron James how impressive and effective teamwork is and wins 4 to 2.  This will also be a little bit of a déjà vu when David Robinson passes the baton to Tim Duncan.  This time around, Tim Duncan passes the baton to LaMarcus Aldridge.

By the way, these predictions depend if the teams mentioned do meet during their conference finals.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Be Fit 2016

Hey!  As usual, I'll restart my Be Fit program.  My last post was June 2015!  Unfortunately my weighing scale is out of service at the moment.  I have a belt that no longer fits me.  It's supposed to be for a size 36 fellow.  Let's see if it'll fit me after 60 days of training.

60 days of no rice starts today!  :0)  Final date for checking will be on May 21, 2016.  Wish me luck!

PTC Sites Update

I remembered that I was giving updates on PTC sites before.  I've already stopped working on those except for NeoBux and Clixsense; which from the very start I knew were legit PTC sites.  Good luck!

8 Years in Blogger and Counting

I just checked my profile and realized that I've been using Blogger for 8 years now (this 2016).  Almost close to 10 years.  :0)

It's 2016 Already

I just thought of adding a new post here since it's been quite a long long long time I last posted on this blog.  Sad to say, everything is downhill at the moment.  Still, I'm looking forward to getting things better!

I just noticed that there are no new templates for blogger that's been made.  Are there anyone still using blogger for blogging?  I think almost everyone has switched to vlogging now on Youtube or Facebook.  :0)