Wednesday, May 20, 2015

NeoBux Experiment 6th Update

NeoBux Wednesday

It's another edition of our Neobux experiment update.  This is my 6th update.

You might have noticed that I'm already a "Gold" member.  This is because I won a free gold membership prize while clicking their "Ad Prize" ads.  Nice!  :0)  Good part of this is that my regular ad clicks are now worth $0.01.  They also increased that to 9 per day.  Fixed advertisements clicks from my Rented Referrals also increased to $0.01.

The only drawbacks of being a Gold member is now harder to rent Referrals.  You can only pick 2 hours per week to rent them and you have to compete with other Gold members for it.  Sometimes, it's just a matter of seconds before all Referrals for rent for Gold members are consumed.  Anyhow, I also had the chance to do some MiniJobs though still at level 1 badge.

I hope I get to get more referrals for my next update.  See you.

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