Saturday, August 25, 2018

Recommended Animes to Watch [Updated August 2018]

Here's my current list of Anime shows that I'm watching every week.  Check these out and see if you like them as well!

The Badminton play of Ayano Haesaki!
I like this anime because of the animations and I like playing badminton.

Overlord III
I like online RPG games and the plot on this show looks good.

One Piece
It's a long-running anime show and I'm still looking forward to the development of the Straw Hats.

My Hero Academia 3
If you like the "hero" theme shows, you should like My Hero Academia.

Captain Tsubasa (2018)
I've watched the old Captain Tsubasa anime and am just curious how this one would go.

Black Clover
A little bit of Naruto and Fairy Tail here.  If you like both animes, you may like Black Clover.

One of the most badass martial artists in the anime world.

Attack on Titan 3
I'm just curious as to what's next.  The deeper plot made me a little uninterested.  I would've just liked this as plain titans vs humans.

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