Saturday, July 8, 2017

My Website Project Start

Hello everyone!  I’ve started really working on getting my sites gain more traffic.  So basically I have three sites I’m working on.  Actually there are just two.  I’m going to just update the third one but I’m not going full force on this.

I’ll document my journey as I grow my sites.  Hopefully they will be profitable in the coming months.  We’ll say officially start these 3 sites today, July 8th of 2017.  We’ll check the following:

Amount of Investment:
Website Maintenance = domain name + hosting + content + marketing
Profit = affiliate marketing + ads
Website Traffic = Unique Users per month

I’ll update the details every month.  Look forward to it!

P.S.  Official start of the sites is July 2017.  I’ll start recording at August 2017.

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