Friday, June 11, 2010

NBA Finals Boston Celtics 2 | Los Angeles Lakers 2

Boston Celtics ties the series at 1 a piece! It started out with both teams giving out their best in defence making the game tight till the fourth quarter. I originally thought that theLakers will win it every time Kobe gets a good game scoring 30pts but it wasn't enough. Well you can't win the ball game by just one person. I tip my hat for the Celts bench.

Glenn "Big Baby" Davis does it again for the Celts. Coming of the bench and playing BIG!

Little Nate Robinson isn't that little in this game. Coming in and stepping up for Rondo when needed.

Well of course, Paul Pierce had a great game tonight. Nice finish by the Celts to tie it to 2. Looks like we'll end up seeing a game 7. Nice. :)

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