Thursday, June 10, 2010

NBA Finals Boston Celtics 1 | Los Angeles Lakers 2

Great game! LA took the lead most of the game and Boston tried their best to catch up but to no avail. Special mentions for this game.

Ray Allen had a terrible night shooting just 0-13 from the field. 2 days ago, he broke an NBA finals game record of shooting 8 three point shots in a game. Game 3, he almost tied an NBA record for missing all shots in an NBA finals game. The record was set at 0-14. Ray Ray gives credit to the Lakers defense which I feel is just. There always comes a time in a player that you yourself is confused for not making the shots you normally do. Heh.

Derek Fisher. The main man for LA in game 3. Very confident and steadfast in taking over during the 4th quarter. He's like the stabilizer of the Lakers team. Well done Mr Fisher!

Of course, Mr Kobe Bryant, scoring 29 points and leading the Lakers team to win it at the Garden. My earlier post said that he needs to get going in order for the Lakers to win. At least 30 points a game, but 29 is sufficient if a team mate suddenly gets hot in the 4th. :P

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