My PTC Project

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- has closed.  Site owner said that he'll pay or refund investors but I doubt it.

- Removed  The site is using a ptc script that's unreliable.
- Removed  Does not use as mode of payment.  A trend for scam sites is that they aren't using Paypal.  They'll probably pay in the earlier months but will eventually stop paying.

- Removed and  There are reports of selective payment.  This means not all members are getting paid and some accounts were suspended for sending a ticket or bad-mouthing the site in its forum.
- Removed  I learned that this site opened and closed before and did not pay members.  This site must be trying to scam more new PTC people.
- Removed  The forum is inactive and there are payment disputes.  These are signs of a scam PTC site.
- Removed  Their site is currently down.  Most likely stopped and now considered a scam site.

- Removed Kayads banner. Fourm is no longer active and there are reports of not being able to cash out.

Archived! :0)
Here's a list of PTC sites I'm trying to be active on.  I'll update the active listings as well as post pay outs if I already have one.  :)  Feel free to join via my referral links.  Thanks!  ;p

As of February 2, 2011 = $8.270 cash out