Monday, September 3, 2018

Produce 48 Will Debut iZone

In the recently concluded Produce 48, here are the members who will build the newly formed Korean girl group iZone.

Jang Won-young (장원영)
Sakura Miyawaki (宮脇咲良) (미야와키 사쿠라)
Jo Yu-ri (조유리)
Choi Ye-na (최예나)
Ahn Yu-jin (안유진)
Nako Yabuki (矢吹奈子) (야부키 나코)
Kwon Eun-bi (권은비)
Kang Hye-won (강혜원)
Hitomi Honda (本田仁美) (혼다 히토미)
Kim Chae-won (김채원)
Kim Min-ju (김민주)
Lee Chae-yeon (이채연)

I'm very happy for the 12 that make it in particular for my favorites:
Jang Won-young
Choi Ye-na
Ahn Yu-jin
Nako Yabuki
Kang Hye-won
Lee Chae-yeon

However, I'm sad that some of my bets didn't make it:
Han Cho-won
Lee Ga-eun
Juri Takahashi
Miru Shiroma

I'm looking forward to their debut and the songs they'll do.

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